Hello, I’m Lin Gao (Lynne, 高琳), a first-year graduate student at the School of Data Science, Fudan University (FDU). I’m a member of the FDUVIS Lab, where I work under the supervision of Prof. Siming Chen. In 2023, I graduated from Chongqing University (CQU) with a bachelor’s degree in Data Science and Big Data Technology, where I was advised by Prof. Haibo Hu and was part of the CQU-VIVA Lab.

My research interests lie in Visual Analytics and Human-Computer Interaction. Specifically, I aim to advance intelligent education through visualization and interaction techniques. I’m exploring research related to human-AI collaboration with large language models.

📢 News
🙋🏻‍♀️ I am actively seeking for PhD position of 25Fall!

  • - Attend ChinaVis 2024 in Hong Kong and present our work Tailor-Mind.
  • - Arrive in Hong Kong and start my 3-months visit to HKUST VisLab.
  • - Our work FinDecipher is accepted by ChinaVis 2024.
  • - Present our work TransforLearn on the China-R Conference.
  • - Attend VIS 2023 in Melbourne and present our work TransforLearn.
  • - Start my graduate study at the School of Big Data Science, FDU.
  • - Our work TransforLearn is accepted by VIS 2023.
  • - Graduate from CQU with a bachelor's degree.