Here are some projects I have worked. You can find the code for most of them on GitHub.


Propose a framework for integrating fine-tuned LLMs into domain-specific visualization systems. Tailor-Mind applies this framework in education to facilitate self-regulated learning.


TransforLearn is an interactive visual tutorial tool that helps beginners learn the Transformer model through architecture-driven and task-driven explorations.


FinDecipher is interactive financial data decision‑making visual analysis system based on DuPont analysis and LLMs.

Criminal Network Assets

This project uses graph theory and community detection algorithms to mine sub-graphs and identify core assets and connections, enhancing governance through a strategic visual analysis framework.

Air Pollution Tracing

This project addresses atmospheric pollution dispersion with a topology-based backward trajectory tracing algorithm. It includes a visual analysis system for real-time feedback, handling high-dimensional time-series data and supporting meteorological research.